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My Lost Summer: a memoir

When I was 13, I was in a coma resulting from a horseback riding accident. I was in ICU for 23 days, in the hospital a total of 90.

Read my memoir to see what recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury is like, 

Order it from your local bookstore or from or, in ebook or paperback.


I was drawn into the story--the worry, the fear, the hope--in a way that I found compelling. Mac Hart, PhD, clinical psychologist

This book will have significant impact among the lay people and also the medical professionals who deal with these kinds of problems almost on a daily basis.  Rafael M. Ramirez, MD, Neurological Surgeon

[My Lost Summer] is a very moving story. We see how crucial support from family and friends can be during the various stages of TBI recovery I definitely understand relearning how to live a normal life.  Shannon Kehoe, co-author of Smile and Jump High!

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